Art Has always had a significant importance to me, and as an artist
I have experimented with many different mediums,oil acrylic,collage,
sculpture etc,and now these past few years I have discovered a new
and exciting medium computers ,and in doing so I have found I can
create in haste, and for me that is most important and satisfying,

I have discovered in recent times that combining imagery with my
created art work, I can transgress my work to new and fascinating
dimension, apart from this allowme me to create original work, it also
allows me to reach a far wider audience via the internet.

my art is focused through my imagination and I would encourage the
viewer to do the same I prefer my work to be an enigma this allows the
viewer to participate and interpret my work through their imagination.

George Flay
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<METER NAME="Title CONTENT="The gallery of the
digital art of flay, containing digital images, of personalities
from across the world, tony blair, georeg bush, nelson mandela,
winston churchill,elton john,elvis.">
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